Caspian Sea & Russian Waterways Service

Core ILS offers integrated shipping services for general cargo, project cargo including heavy lift and extra oversized units, steel products and SOC containers from Continent, Adriatic, Mediterranean, Marmara and Black Sea ports to Caspian Sea and Russian river ports throughout 8 months out of the year, from April to November.

Depending on vessel positions and cargo volume, Core ILS is able to offer direct sea/river freight from Continent, Adriatic and Mediterranean ports, whereas only direct service is being provided from Marmara and Black Sea ports to the said regions.

Core ILS maintains its position as the independent maritime carrier, accepting all kind of transit cargoes which are originated from Far East, Middle East countries or USA by providing a high-quality liner services at strictly competitive rates, terms and conditions.

Service provided by sea/river going ships ranging between 1.100 – 5.500 dwt with below approximate transit times, without any guarantee:

  • Continent to Caspian: 30-34 days wp
  • Mediterranean to Caspian: 20-24 days wp
  • Marmara, Black Sea to Caspian: 16-18 days wp

Our regular service rotations are:

  • Marmara & Black Sea ports → Caspian Sea ports (regular, direct sailings)
  • Marmara & Black Sea ports → Russian river ports (irregular, direct sailings)
  • Adriatic & Mediterranean Sea ports → Caspian Sea ports (direct or indirect sailings via Istanbul)
  • Adriatic & Mediterranean Sea ports → Russian river ports (direct or indirect sailings via Istanbul)

Some of our services in this field:

  • Preparation of stowage and lashing plans approved by Russian classification authorities
  • Chartering river ships with different deadweight and specifications for transportation of general cargoes
  • Organization of loading/unloading/transhipment operations with the use of various special equipment
  • Preparation/registration of all the necessary documentation and obtaining approvals from local authorities
  • Supervision of the complete turn-key solutions.
  • Multimodal delivery solutions by road or rail up to final destinations in any CIS countries through experienced local partners.