Railway Transportation To CIS Countries

Depending on cargo origin country and final destination in CIS region, Core ILS offers railway and intermodal transportation services via Riga, Klaipeda, St.Petersburg in Baltic, via Poti, Batumi in Black Sea. Through our well experienced local partners in transhipment points and depth knowledge of the Europe and CIS railway networks, we are able to respond timely and professionally to all kinds cargoes and complex railway and intermodal transportation requirements of our customers. Use of railroad for transportations allows Core ILS to make delivery to every CIS country for import or export of goods.

  • For all railway deliveries via Baltic, Core ILS operates from Klaipeda LT / Liepaja LV / Ventspils LV / Riga LV / Paldiski EE / St. Petersburg RU
  • For all railway deliveries via Black Sea, Core ILS operates from Poti GE / Batumi GE

After closing of navigation on rivers in November up to due to weather conditions, our shipping services stops till next navgigation period and all our CIS shipments are realized through a combination of sea freight till Poti/Batumi ports of Georgia and rail transportation to final destinations via rail ferries from Baku to Turkmenbashi, Aktau and beyond. Extra over dimensional cargoes which can not be transported by railway or road should wait till next navigation period.

Our outstanding service consist of:

  • Obtaining approvals, positioning of railcars
  • Stowage/lashing scheme plans
  • Loading/unloading/transhipment operations
  • Securing of cargo on railcars for transportation
  • Documentation and customs support
  • Payment of railway fare for the whole route
  • Ensuring security of cargo by armed/unarmed escort service

There are following types of wagons available at Core ILS disposal:

  • Semi-wagons for transportation of:
    • General cargo
    • Containers
    • Bulk materials
  • Covered-wagons for transportation of:
    • Any kind of packed general cargo
    • All types (120m3, 138 m3, 150 m3, 158 m3)
  • Flat-wagons for transportation of:
    • Intermodal containers
    • Versized cargo
    • Wheeled machinery
    • Trailers
  • Tank cars